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 It was a dark and stormy night... Ah, never mind that! It all began in 1954, when Filippo Silvestri (Nonno Filippo) and Maria Teresa Galli, together with their two children, Annamaria and Dario, decided to go into the hotel business and built this little hotel. They called it "La Montanina".

Our Family

It was a difficult decision, because if ambition and good will were big, the duties seemed even bigger. Nonna Teresa was an obstetrician, and leaving her job just because it didn't have any fixed schedules was not an option for her. Annamaria, even though she did help out a bit (going from table to table and asking, "un pitin da formai?") was still a child.

Nonetheless, nonno Filippo was stubborn and didn't let debts stop him. Back then there weren't many hotels, and, luckily, ours was always full of guests.
Years went by and Annamaria became a beautiful young woman. It wasn't long before a handsome young man noticed her. Modesto never missed a chance to approach her every time she was out of her parents' sight. He was a bus driver, tall with dark hair and a great personality - exactly what Annamaria was looking for. Soon after they pronounced their vows and said 'I do'.

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Our big Family

Back then there was little free time and even less money, but there always was plenty of work and, most of all, plenty of love. And, of course, they didn't have television...

Twenty-two years later they had nine children running around the house: Elisabetta, Gianluigi, Andrea, Giovanna, Simona, Gianluigi, Nicola, Michele, and Valentina.
At the same time, and not only for reasons of space, La Montanina became bigger and bigger and more and more comfortable. In over 50 years so many people have stopped at La Montantina, and just as many have left a piece of them within these four walls.


We hope that you will be one of these people and that we may have the honour to have you here with us!

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